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Security/Damage Deposit

If you are staying in Housekeeping Cabin or Tiny House, you will be asked to sign this upon arrival:


I understand that I am responsible for any damages caused by my family and/or guests.

I have been given an Inventory List. I will be charged a replacement fee for any missing or damaged items on that list. I will also be charged for any excessive cleaning. If an animal is brought into the rental unit or if the unit is smoked in, I will forfeit the entire deposit.  If I allow Unauthorized Guests to visit me, I will be charged $20 per person. The unit will be inspected upon my departure.  If I paid the deposit by cash or check, a check will be mailed to me within 10 days. If I paid the deposit by credit card, a credit will be issued to the same credit card within 10 days. 


Checklist:  Dishes washed, Inventory counted, Gas grill turned off, Keys to office, Refrigerator empty, Campfire extinguished, Trash and recycling brought to dumpster.

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